Frequently Asked Questions

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Jack Reiss’ schedule is very busy and ever changing, but we will announce course dates and give individuals a few months’ notice. For our current course details, click here.

Unfortunately, we do not take registrations until we have definitive dates picked. However, we believe we can usually make a spot for someone. Send us an email: for more information.

We do not have a cancellation list. Because the class is non-refundable, it is highly unusual for anyone to cancel with enough notice for us to fill the spot. If there was sufficient notice, an e-mail would be sent out to everyone on the notification list. Send us an email: for more information.

We appreciate your patience while we iron out the details on our next class. Our goal is to give you at least two months advance notice.

This Course may allow you the opportunity to be certified by the ABC as a professional boxing referee for a term of two years.

The Sole Arbiter course may allow you the opportunity to be ABC certification. This is a major plus on your application for a license from any Commission. More importantly, successful completion of the Sole Arbiter course will prepare you on the day you get your license for your first bout.

We always try to tell everyone that wants to be a part of Boxing that they don’t necessarily need to start out in the position that they ultimately wish to end up in. The most important part is to get your foot in the door. You may be able to start out as an inspector who stays with the athletes in the lockeroom, observes the taping of hands and walks the athlete to the ring, etc…. Once you are part of the commission’s staff and you show them your knowledge and commitment to the sport, you will have an easier time moving into the job of a judge or referee. This doesn’t mean that you have to start out as an inspector, but you should be willing to start out doing anything you can to be around and prove to the commission that you are not only good for the sport, but also for your state commission.

If you are not an active participant in some form Boxing, (Pro or Amateur) we strongly suggest you do so in some capacity. Inspector, Timekeeper, Judge, Referee, Cut-person, Corner-person, etc.. in the Pros or Amateurs will certainly help. In addition to this, you should familiarize yourself with the Unified Rules of Boxing. While each state has its own adaptations to the rules, our course is based on the current Unified Rules and it is up to you to find out if your state has made any changes to them for their jurisdiction. We encourage all potential students to visit the ABC Website and become familiar with the Unified Rules, Referees Manual, Referee & Judge Certification Program, and other related publications.

The pay scales vary for each state/province athletic commission. Smaller shows can pay as little as $100 while larger PPV shows may pay upwards of $1900 for the entire night/event. Remember, in all states with an athletic commission, you work for the state, not the promoter. Some commissions will not even allow you to ask ahead of time what you are getting paid.

Once a class has been announced, registration is accepted on a first received, first secured/paid basis. To register please visit our course section. Your spot will be reserved as soon as payment is received via our secure electronic payment system. (Updated 6/25/21) (Participants are responsible for all travel, accommodation, and any meals).

Unfortunately we do not have any type of pre-study materials, mainly because the course is so hands-on. To be successful you should be familiar with Boxing. We always suggest going to a local Boxing gym and either participate, take private lessons, offer to help out while you learn things and ask lots of questions. You can also download the Unified Rules of Boxing and study them, as they are a big part of the course. We encourage all potential students to visit the ABC Website and become familiar with the Unified Rules, Referees Manual, Referee & Judge Certification Program, and other related publications.

For those avid Boxing fans that are interested in the sport, you are welcome to participate with a goal of a participation, and to learn and experience situations and live simulations as refs and judges with live feedback and real professional fighters.

Yes, as well as the Boxing media so as to sharpen their understanding of the Sport. Some of our most positive feedback has come from Boxing Media and Coaches once the course is over. Often it has indicated what an eye-opening experience the course is, and that it is creating a new perspective and advantage for them as Boxing industry experts.

The first two days of class start at 8:30am until approx 7:00pm, the final day starts at 8:30 am and concludes at approx 5:00 pm.

$1250 plus hotel, food and transportation. This investment will get you a immersed into a 26 hour “hands on”course in boxing refereeing under the guidance of highly skilled veteran referees that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This course may allow you the opportunity to be certified as a Boxing Referee by the Association of Boxing Commissions. This course may include Zoom training.

3 extensive days of learning. Day one and two – classroom, day 3 in a Boxing gym. Challenging classroom and physical roles.
Wear clothes you will be comfortable in while moving including athletic shoes or Boxing/wrestling shoes.
Bring Referees uniform including a Bowtie for Gym day. Bring bottled water, snacks, notebook, pens/pencils.
Take away an immense amount of theory, knowledge, experience, mechanics and understanding of the Boxing game and Professional Refereeing.

Unfortunately, we at Sole Arbiter do not. However, our good friends and associates Big John McCarthy and Jerin Valel present the most prominent internationally recognized MMA courses in the world called C.O.M.M.A.N.D. Click here to visit their website & learn more.